l'amour est comme un papillon..


You will never be as smooth

Anonymous said: are you available? like single?

Single, yes. Available, no.

Anonymous said: thoughts on first kiss's. Where? When? How? the most romantic way you can imagine.


… I imagine leaves and vines laced romantically over railings, crumbly yellow brick buildings, dusty earthy path beneath us, starry night above with demulcent light from a nearby lamp casting soft shadows across our faces. We’d be laughing and eventually our laughs would soften as our eyes found each other. He’d look at my lips and realise he wanted them. Not for anything lustful but for genuine love. He’d place his hands around my waist, pull me in and we’d kiss. Softly. And the whole world would become quiet. We’d pull away and smile. I’d giggle and look at the ground and he’d raise my chin then kiss my forehead, our fingers would lock together and we’d walk off into the starry night. Together. Because everything is better with him by my side.. 

The sunrise this morning was spectacular. This photo does it no justice but never have I ever seen sky so filled with colours!